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Thrustmaster Y250 X Wired Gaming Headset


Thrustmaster Y250-X Wired Gaming Headset for X Box 360 comes with Crystal-clear audio, via premium 50 mm drivers: hear everything, react quickly. It comes with Double electro-acoustic bass amplification, thanks to the earpieces` unique design, combined with electronic bass boost built into the controller. Thrustmaster Y250-X Wired Gaming Headset for X Box 360 features 5.20 m of cables to adapt to any type of gaming configuration and Unidirectional mic, designed to accurately target just your voice, for the most effective communication with your teammates. Multifunctional controller on the cable, allowing you to adjust the audio level of the game and of voices independently: both the mic and chat volume can be set separately, for a perfect fit with every game and every gamer. It also comes with Voice feedback system (to cut out the feedback from your voice on the headphones) directly on the controller.

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